During Synergy and Summit 2010, I will have the pleasure of leading a learning lab titled “SYN402I – Delivering hosted VM-based desktops with XenDesktop.” In this 90 minute session participants will be introduced to our Flexcast concept that enables companies to decide which combination of desktop delivery techniques solves their challenges. We will dive deeper into the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure “VDI” component of XenDesktop to introduce customers to the VDI concept, user experience and the architecture. Each participant will have access to a lab where they will get the opportunity to setup the VDI solution.

One of the goals of this learning lab is to demonstrate that it is not difficult to setup a XenDesktop VDI solution. Within a small window of time you can create an environment with a high definition user experience (HDX) and desktop flexibility without a large storage requirement.

Some of you might be asking yourself why you would want to attend this introductory level class about desktop delivery. I have presented on this topic over 30 times to new and existing Citrix customers and Citrix Partners of all sizes. In every case individuals have approached me afterwards expressing that they had no idea that the Citrix XenDesktop solution had the range of options that it does. In most cases people have included XenDesktop with all the other VDI solutions out there. Not realizing that it has so much more to offer that just VDI.

I’m looking forward to seeing as many people in these sessions as possible. The goal of this learning lab is to help you get what you need out of understanding the delivery concept so that you can find ways to leverage the solution and enable your company’s true business objectives without worrying about desktop related issues.

SYN402I – Delivering hosted VM-based desktops with XenDesktop