If you want to provide great looking mobile apps for your organization you probably have already faced a number of issues. A sample of these may include:
  1. The company only supports Blackberry , but the employees want iPhones and Androids.
  2. The apps work on XenApp but they don’t look great on a Mobile.
  3. Requirement to control access to apps, data, and users just like with XenApp.
  4. Multiple app development platform expertise required like Objective C, Blackberry JDE, etc

If any of these or other obstacles have prevented you from delivering Mobile Apps to your users you should check out PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp. Our Citrix-Ready partner SoftwareFX has developed a great WYSIWYG tool for building great looking mobile apps. The only input required is a database query ( SQL, Access, Oracle, etc ) or a Web Service or a Powershell command. The rest is click, drag and drop.

The Creator tool is used to build the app and there is an associated Presenter application that runs on XenApp and publishes the completed app from an existing XenApp farm. Any Citrix Receiver enabled device; iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry, Windows Phone or even Mac , TC or PC can then run/display the app. You can even run multiple apps ( Multi-task on the iPad )

PowerGadgets for XenApp will be announced and available at Citrix Synergy. Every attendee will be receiving the Creator App CD as well as samples and trial Presenter app. These apps are so easy to build you can expect to see lots of demos at Synergy plus get first hand training from the SoftwareFX crew.

Update: Download it here http://www.softwarefx.com/mobile/pgmobile/