Welcome to the rich user experience with Citrix Receiver on a Windows Phone Good news is that you don’t have to wait for Windows Phone 7. This is right away available on your Windows Mobile 6.5.

The new receiver exploits the gesture support on Windows Mobile 6.5. You can scroll up/down your favorite remote word application or move around the same with a touch of finger. To send left click you tap on the screen, to send a double click tap twise.. Life is never so easy on a windows phone. You can change the resolution of the remote Windows application if it is too small to see. Or if you want to see a particular content larger you can use the zoom feature. The key board has been extended to provide additional control keys to be send to the remote application.

Application screen would switch from portrait to landscape mode automatically as your rotate the phone. A manual option to rotate is also provided for other phones which does not have the feature. You may download the latest citrix receiver from the following link


Citrix Receiver for Windows Mobile 6.5