You heard about desktop virtualization and VDI; your organization got excited and maybe is considering it now for its own IT. Now you are confronted with all your organizations requirements – business as well as technical. The logical question is, where to start and how to design a XenDesktop architecture that meets these requirements.

Typically, you start researching for information that reflects your situation or maybe even try to reach out to friends and your business network for customer references. Once you found a starting point, I am sure more questions will come up such as:

  • Do I only need VDI? Or should I consider different desktop deliveries from the FlexCast options?
  • How should I integrate and deliver my apps? Installed? Streamed? Or hosted?
  • How do I ensure performance? What do I need to consider for scaling the environment?
  • How can I preserve the user settings and make the transition as smooth as possible?
  • Do I need to deliver the virtual desktops to remote users?
  • How did others implement XenDesktop?

I could go on with the questions, but I want to keep it short since I would like to see these questions being raised at the Hands-on Learning Lab Workshop “SYN418W – Designing a XenDesktop architecture” during Synergy. Why? This workshop will provide exactly this platform for discussion. I mentioned hands-on, but it is more a “hands-off” workshop, where you will have the opportunity to work with peers on a given fictitious customer scenario having the same questions or even the answers to your questions. The workshop will be guided by our most experienced architects, who already worked on several customer projects designing and implementing XenDesktop.

I am looking forward to see you there and hope to answer all your questions!


Senior Architect, Worldwide Technical Readiness

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