You enabled the Streaming Service debug console and now you see a message:

  • “The Sandbox is reused”.

Is this an error? Answer: No, it is not an error – it’s a good thing.

“Sandbox is reused” means that Sandbox Reuse kicked in and skipped creating an isolation sandbox because a correct configuration sandbox was already running.  The message means you saved lots of time.

Here’s a screen capture of the debug console from my machine after launching Microsoft Word from Office 2007.

The trick here is that the console then describes “Application terminated”.  In reality, the application is still running.  This can be a bit confusing because the “new” sandbox terminated, but the reused one is still running.

The full debug trace says that the sandbox was reused and the executable given in “virtual path” was executed in the other sandbox to satisfy the launch of the new application.

Why display it?

If you are adjusting any settings that effect the creation of a sandbox, the message tells you that no new sandbox was created.  This will mean that your settings didn’t take effect.  To work past this, Kill RadeLauncher.exe and this will force the sandbox reuse logic to revert to the always create a new sandbox logic, which will cause the setting to be read and processed.


Joe Nord