Today at MMS, Microsoft shared our joint vision for a single, integrated view and consolidated management of all enterprise applications with the XenApp Connector for ConfigMgr 2007 R2.

I’ve been working in on this module for a while, and I know we have something special here.

The XenApp Connector for ConfigMgr has two components: a service that synchronizes the ConfigMgr and XenApp databases; and a GUI extension for ConfigMgr console. Once installed, the ConfigMgr admin can deliver existing application packages to a broader set of users and devices than ConfigMgr previously reach before, all via System Center without the need to interact directly with XenApp.

Key technical features include:

  • Unify all application management of ConfigMgr and XenApp into a single ConfigMgr management console.
  • Automate all operations that must happen at XenApp servers for software distribution, such as removing a server from load balance, or notifying and disconnecting users before patching.
  • Safely and automatically drain users from servers that have maintenance routines to perform.

And much more! I invite you to watch this video showing how this connector will truly simplify software distribution and management for XenApp servers.