Last December I blogged about one of the most popular tools to come out of Technical Support – Citrix Logoff Sessions Tool. Today we released an updated verion of the tool based on feedback received from our customers and partners. You can find the 2.2 version here.

So whats new in this release?

  • Shadowing : requires MFCOM admin rights to enumerate the sessions.
  • Multiple session selection to Send Messages, Logoff and Disconnect Session.
  • Filter by published application name. It is now possible to select multiple published application names!
  • Get Session Information (client IP, client name, virtual IP, connection/disconnection/idle time, etc…)
  • Enhancement regarding speed of session enumeration by MFCOM (tested in farms with thousands of live users..)
  • Command line switches : /debug to gather debugging information, /u:<username> to pre-populate the user to look for, /shadow to allow only the shadowing option
  • Lots of bug fixes…

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