Bruce Hoard’s recent article in Virtualization Review, “XenDesktop Replaces View in ESX Shop”, describes a company that abandoned VMware View and moved to Citrix XenDesktop. It highlights why user experience and our HDX technologies are so important. For a desktop virtualization project to succeed, it has to give the organization’s employees a great experience. The VMware shop in Bruce’s article discovered the hard way that user experience is critical.

After replacing View with XenDesktop, personnel can now successfully use their virtual desktops over WAN connections and smoothly scroll up and down web pages and documents without unpleasant hesitations. And they can view graphics and photos in full True Color (16 million colors). According to the customer, XenDesktop with HDX “created the kind of desktop performance users have come to expect.” The customer also found XenDesktop “just easier to manage”.

You can learn more about how to deliver a great user experience in your desktop virtualization project by attending Synergy in San Francisco, May 12-14, 2010. Juan Rivera and I will be delivering a seminar on HDX Internals – How to Deliver the Best Multimedia User Experience.

Derek Thorslund
Citrix Product Strategist, HDX