Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with our products. We are working on multiple items to help make it easier to find answers and solve problems via self-service avenues, all of which are available to all our Partners and Customers to leverage.

Since many of our Customers and Partners are using Twitter to connect and share knowledge about Citrix products, Citrix Support decided to setup a virtual Twitter about 9 months ago. The virtual team monitors Twitter on a daily basis for customers/partners/end users having difficultly with a support case/technical issue or just have a general question about Citrix products.

Make sure to follow @citrixsupport

So I would like to introduce you to the members of our virtual team.

Mike Stringer
Managing Director of Americas and India Support
Interested in leveraging and creating technology to increase Customer self service support options, enable proactive environment health monitoring and decrease support case resolution times.

Olivier Biscaldi
Director, Americas Software Support
Olivier leads a team of over 60 employees supporting Americas channel partners and enterprise customers. His teams are involved in many cross product environments, necessitating collaboration and coordination between many product companies.

Steve Weizman
Knowledge Center Web Content Strategist, Americas Support
Managing and delivering web-based technical content to the Citrix community on the Citrix Knowledge Center. Interested in providing solutions by recognizing, listening to and understanding customer needs using my extensive Citrix experience with a specialty in XenApp product family technologies.

Dmitry Vostokov
Principal Engineer, EMEA Support
Father of modern memory dump and software trace analysis. Interested in applying scientific and engineering methods to analysis, troubleshooting and debugging customer issues.

Nathaniel De Leon
Senior Technical Lead, Americas Support
Specializing in the Citrix XenApp product including Performance and Client component related issues. I also deal with Profile management, Smart Auditor, Merchandising Server and HDX MediaStream for Flash Technologies.

Jacob Maynard
Senior Escalation Engineer, Americas Support
Specializing in Citrix product integrations with Netscaler, AGEE, and AppFW. Interested in creating customized solutions to help customers solve problems, and build highly secure, scalable, and optimized application delivery networks.

Fred Donovan
Lead Technical Support Engineer – Support Forums, Americas Support
Monitoring Citrix Support Forums to provide technical assistance for Citrix products along with Citrix Partners and Citrix teams. My primary focus is tracking extensively reported issues that require prompt investigation and collaboration with our Technical Support, Engineering, and Knowledge Center teams. Specialties include: XenApp, Online Plug-ins for Windows and Mac, Receiver for iPhone/iPad, SmartAuditor, HDX MediaStream for Flash.

and finally myself , David McGeough
Support Readiness Manager, EMEA Support
As a member of the EMEA Technical Support team David has worked in various roles, lately managing the EMEA Support Readiness team. In this role David and his team are responsible for the development and roll out of technical training to the support teams worldwide. David can also be found over on Citrix TV where he is responsible for developing and maintaining the successful Citrix Support How To video initiative –

Twitter – @citrixreadiness
Citrix Support on Facebook –