XenDesktop4.0 FlexCast Technology ( http://www.citrix.com/English/ps2/products/feature.asp?contentID=1858926 ) offers a set of proven client technologies in market. (offers six types of Cilent Technologies : Hosted Shared Desktop / Hosted VM Base Desktop / Hosted Blade PC Desktop / Local Streamed Desktop / Virtual Installed App / Local VM Base Desktop)
Once you invest for XenDesktop4.0, your organization can use six types of Desktop and no need other investment.

I found the interesting article below.
Gartner Inc discusses about “Clock of IT Market for Client Computing” in this article.
This is very interesting and valuable to organize knowledge of client technologies in you. This introduced the decision framework to assist IT and business leaders evaluate and prioritize their IT investment and divestment activities throughout the entire asset life cycle. The four phases of market clock for client technology are categorized Advantage, Choice, Cost and Replacement.
Citrix XenDesktop4.0 six types of Client Technology are located in Advanced and Choice phase. 

What do you think about investing Client Technology ?