If you are like me, you would agree that the best way to get introduced to a new product or technology is to see it in action. That’s exactly how we plan to do it in our Learning Labs Introduction to NetScaler VPX session at Synergy. In this class each attendee will get access to a NetScaler VPX and through our virtualized labs you will configure NetScaler VPX to optimize Microsoft SharePoint 2010. These comprehensive labs will showcase how NetScaler VPX solution provides acceleration and optimization of your web environment.

I will also cover NetScaler VPX architecture, performance specifications, deployment scenarios and best practices that will guide you on how VPX can fit in your environment. You can register here for the class. See you at Synergy!

Bhumik Patel
Senior Consultant
Worldwide Consulting Solutions, Citrix Systems Inc.

Twitter: @bhumikp