[Back Ground]

XenDesktop Env need Active Directory for user management, secure communications and name-resolving between DDC and VDA.
XenDesktop uses Farm OU in Active Direcoty for storing DDCs configuration and information for name-resolving.
It is often that XenDesktop need to be verified in Existing production systems, but policy of organization dose not admit
to create Farm OU in Active Directory.In this situation, you can deploy XenDesktop without Active Directory.
By Creating the Registry in DDC and VDA enable you to verify XenDesktop!

[Solution ]

In Desktop Delivery Controller…..
Create Registry Key below
Set this Registry value “1”,  the Farm OU in AD is not needed.

In Virtual Desktop Agent…..
Create registry key below
Write FQDNs of DDCs with space

Of Cource when you build the new production system of XenDesktop, you should create Farm OU in AD.
As Large number of Desktops you manage, it is difficult to set registry key in many VDAs…