Since Microsoft has RTM’d Visual Studio 2010 earlier this week I wanted to take that opportunity to update the custom start page utility to add a few more features and make it RTM compatable.

If you unaware waht the custom start page is, it a VS2010 extension that enable a new tab on the VS start page to show Citrix community content.

If you would like you check out the original article click here

So what are some of the updates included?

  • Consolidated everything down into a single startpage tab.
  • Added a SDK Downloads item where you have a single place to download Citrix SDK’s
  • Added a Recent Citrix Tweet items, which shows the most recent tweets with “Citrix” in the content. (This is an experimental item to provoke some discussion around it )

Here is a screenshot of the updated start page.

If you would like to download the Citrix Community Custom Start Page for Visual Studio 2010 can download it here or you can use the Visual Studio Extension Manager from within VS2010 (Tools->Entension Manager), search for Citrix and you can install right from there.

As always, let me know what you think. You can ping me on twitter at @johnmcbride or email be at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com

Have Fun!