A long time ago, in a blog far, far away, I asked a simple question “What virtual desktop design topics are you interested in?”  Thankfully, I got a few comments from Steven Hunt, Faisal Iqbal, and Tyrone Thomas so I won’t be forced to deliver a standard, glossy marketing presentation.

Instead, those of you attending the “Designing an enterprise-class XenDesktop solution“, which will be presented by myself and Doug Demskis, will get to experience a low gloss, high value session. Doug and I have gathered mountains of feedback from our Citrix consultants and tried to condense it into 90 minutes, which in itself is no small feat because we all know how much consultants like to talk.

A few of the items we plan to cover are

  • Why change XenServer’s Dom0 RAM allocation
  • Recommended specs for a VMware  configuration
  • Sizing guidelines for Hyper-V
  • What types of disks to use
  • How to calculate your IOPS requirements
  • Recommendations on how to manage your desktop images
  • Estimating the size of your write cache
  • How to determine your Provisioning services recommended specs

This is only a portion of what you will learn in the Synergy session.  Doug and I have been digging deep into the inner workings to provide you with the best practices for your XenDesktop environment. Hope to see you there.

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