Beefy 7 on Skinny HP

Different types of workers across the enterprise need different types of desktops. Some require simplicity and standardization, while others require high performance and personalization. XenDesktop can meet these requirements in a single solution with our unique FlexCast™ delivery Technology. With FlexCast™, IT can deliver every type of virtual desktop – each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of each individual user.

Only the best user experience will do, and is made possible by Citrix HDX. HDX technology is a set of capabilities that deliver a “high definition” desktop virtualization user experience to end users for any application, device or network. HDX technology provides network and performance optimizations to deliver the best user experience over any network, including low bandwidth and high latency WAN connections.

XenDesktop published Windows 7, and XenApp published Microsoft Office apps can be streamed to HP Thin Clients running Windows Embedded (WES) or linux. One of the architects called this better than sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. We’ve got a skinny little HP Thin Client (t5325 ThinPro) running 512 Mb RAM, with 1 CPU, the size of a hockey puck, albeit square, you can see it in the video under the monitors. We then have a Windows 7 virtual desktop built with 4 GB RAM, running on 4 x64 bit CPU’s, with a user drive mapped to the network storage. This thing kicks sand, you’ve got to see the video. The ramifications for the next generation of Operating System usage are huge.

If you need Microsoft Office, or any other app that runs on Windows 7, it can be launched from XenApp and run within the same XenDesktop session … also demo’ed in the video. In this setup we also used HP Procurve Gigabit Ethernet switches – these babies scream with speed and they are dirt cheap. For our WAN, we used an Apposite technologies simulator, running 1Mbps, 100 ms latency, 1% packet loss.

HP Client Virtualization solutions help resolve the most common business challenges associated with traditional, distributed PC environments by centralizing compute resources in the data center where they can be easily secured and managed. Using standard network connections, it also delivers the exceptional, personal client computing experience end users expect. HP and Citrix Welcome you to the next generation of business computing.

Network Diagram


Deployment Guide – BR VPX
Deployment Guide – XenDesktop 4.0 w/ XenApp 6.0
Deployment Guide – HP Thin Client w/ Citrix Online Plugin

Citrix Products used in this POC

XenServer 5.5
XenDesktop 4.0
XenApp 6.0
Branch Repeater VPX 5.6
Receiver for Linux 11.100
Online Plugin for Windows 12.0

HP Products used in this POC

Thin Clients – Citrix Ready

Watch it live

Its Powerful!