… or vice versa, as you like…

I’m basically sure that everyone reading this blog has have heard similar statements over and over again. Of course VDI is still a new technology (compared to i.e. XenApp) to most of the customers, partners, bloggers, analysts, competitors out there, … , but I think its about time to discuss real use cases. But not just XenApp and XenDesktop use cases (as the various marketing departments continuously provide), but real customer scenarios also including other technologies like application isolation, offline desktops and so on and how o mix them. Unfortunately it’s not all about technology in nowadays IT departments anymore, so we should have a very close look at the financial aspects of such architectures as well.

…and we will!

So if you’re interested in such discussions and want to get some of the Citrix Consulting field experience, you should definitely join our workshop “Economic and architectural considerations for desktop virtualization” at Synergy in San Francisco.
Please see http://citrix.g2planet.com/synergysanfran2010/public_session_view.php?agenda_session_id=204 for more details.

..and keep in mind: seating is very limited.

See you in SFO,