Have you always been curious about the benefits of WAN optimization and didn’t know where to start? Look no further! We have made it simple and easy for you to try out WAN optimization in your organization at no cost.

XenDesktop and XenApp customers and partners who want to try out and experience the benefits of accelerating virtual desktop and application delivery to the branch office, can now download a free version of Branch Repeater VPX virtual appliance by visiting www.citrix.com/trybranchrepeater. Branch Repeater VPX Express provides an easy and flexible way for customers to try XenDesktop and XenApp acceleration capabilities before deploying in a production environment. Customers can use the non-production VPX Express virtual appliance license for 13 months and either request another license upon expiration or seamlessly upgrade to a VPX production license (VPX-2, VPX-10, and VPX-45). Partners can also take advantage of faster and easier proof-of-concepts (POCs) provided by VPX NFR licenses, enabling them to successfully convert qualified opportunities. 

To get started:
-          Visit www.citrix.com/trybranchrepeater and download a free version of Branch Repeater VPX virtual appliance.
-          Create your own fully self-contained demo/test environment rapidly using this Citrix Knowledge Center article.

Are you ready to take the leap into WAN optimization and experience the benefits that Branch Repeater can provide to your XenDesktop and XenApp deployments? Where do you plan to deploy Branch Repeater VPX? Datacenter, branch office or both? Has a simple try and buy experience been an important consideration in your WAN optimization purchase?