I have come across many forums where peoples are looking for a way to disable deployment on client Machine. So I thought to write a small post on how to disable Deployment in newer version of the Offline Plugin 6.0.

There is one simple way to do this, Donot publish the application as offline. If this is not what you are looking for then i will tell you another one.

There are instances where some part of users doesnot wants the app’s to be deployed locally, but other users wants the apps to be deployed on there machine. So In order to solve this situation we decided to allow indivisual clients to disable deployment.

I donot want to talk about deployment here, since we already have a beautiful Blog that describes how deployment works written by Joe Nord.

Earlier version of Offline client below Version 6.0. disabling offline deployment was to have nop.exe to replace radedeploy.exe which does nothing and just returns. Joe had created a simple tool which could be used to disable deployment which can be downloaded from here with source code here.

But from Version 6.0, Disabling Deployment is much more simpler.

Note, In order to disable deployment, user should have administrator privilages.

1. First Open Your Regedit.exe.
2. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\Rade on X86 Machine and
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\wow6432node\Citrix\Rade on X64 Machine.
3. Create a new key named “DisableDeploy” of type [DWORD].
4. Set the value to 1.

Now, the deployment will be disabled.

Note: If you have already deployed apps, the Apps will not be deleted, but there will be no new apps that will get downloaded to deployment location.

I would like to warn here, If you already have some apps that are depoyed, and you disable deployment, the updates such as security update to products and new version of products will not be avaliable to the user.

Inorder to delete the local copy in the deployed location, one should use
RadeDeploy.exe \Delete <App_Name> ,
where the app name can be obtained from
RadeDeploy.exe \Enum

Happy Streaming . . .

Kiran Kumar S
Offline Plugin Team