Citrix Receiver for iPad is off to a great start with over 15,000 downloads in the first 5 days since the iPad release.  This has earned Receiver the # 3 top spot in the free business apps category in the App Store right along side # 4 GoToMeeting.
Early feedback has been extremely positive from both users and IT Pro’s gearing up to support the onslaught of iPads showing up at work.  
You may notice in the reviews the written ones are very positive and the number of 5 star ratings is outstanding for Citrix Receiver. We love the encouragement so keep it coming. There are a number of 1 star reviews that do cause concern. I believe these are the result of users not talking to IT and just trying to get access to their work apps like they do from their home PC or work laptop. If you are lucky this may work but it depends on how your XenApp, XenDesktop and Web Interface are configured. If it doesn’t work many users blame the app and are very disappointed that they have this great new device but they cant put it to work.
If you normally log in to Citrix apps from a web page ( Web Interface ) you may also be attempting that from the safari browser on the iPad. You will even see the list of applications you normally get. The problem is this will not work. The iPad OS limitations prevent Safari from running at the same time as Citrix Receiver. The correct thing to do is ask your IT department for the proper server address and security settings to enter in the Workspace account fields. IT may also need to make configuration adjustments to the XenApp/XenDesktop and Access Gateway to enable this type of access. We have provided a site at for both users and Admins with tips and videos. Your IT team may also consider attending CitrixSynergy for first hand direction and advise to learn how to enable the iPad for your business.
So please do talk to IT about your iPad, they already know Citrix is the safe way to provide access to the apps you need and protect the business data at the same time. We want all 5 Star happy users .

Update: GoToMyPC for the iPad is now in the App Store