Today we released a XenApp 6 migration tool beta. This tool enables customers to migrate their legacy XenApp farm to a XenApp 6 farm. It is a simple, fast and powerful tool built using PowerShell. Some of the features include:

  • Leverage PowerShell commands to export all server and farm settings/policies, applications, folders, load evaluators and administrators
  • Stage your migration without introducing instability to existing production environments – start slow with one application workload and progress further as more applications get certified on the new platform
  • Enable a phased migration approach for your users
  • Control which settings get migrated plus have the ability to override legacy settings with new ones
  • See before you commit by running a report without actually doing the migration
  • Synchronize your legacy and new farm settings throughout your migration

To learn more on upgrading/migrating to XenApp 6, register for the April 9th Tech Talk on migrating to XenApp 6. In this session, you will learn from Senior Architect, Jo Harder about

  • Migration-only path to XenApp 6—and ways to simplify
  • Platinum technologies that can be upgraded and how
  • Sample scenarios

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