So my new iPad is already making an impact on my work life. My normal routine in the morning is to scan my email from my iPhone while the coffee is brewing and then take the coffee on the road ( & listen to podcasts for the commute ). I look for all the emails that need urgent attention and may send out a quick reply. Most things with a link I delete or save to read later from my PC at work or home at night. I also check my calender but if I am using the native Calendar app I won’t accept any meetings because strange things still happen between Exchange and the iPhone Calendar app. By the time the coffee is ready I am off to work and following up on things from the office.
This morning however I picked up my iPad and started to check my email. After a quick scan I started going back to emails and reading the entire thread. For emails with useful links ( like press reviews of Citrix on the iPad ) I clicked and went to the website and read the entire column. Instead of taking my coffee on the road as normal I sat down with my cup and soon found myself immersed in email as if I was at work. With access to the full Outlook app I could accept meetings and trust what it told me. Using Outlook I also didn’t need to go in and out of Email, Calendar and Contacts, it was all right there. Before I knew it an hour had passed and I was pouring a second cup of coffee to take on the road.
Not a big deal, but I think this experience may be happening all over soon inside and outside of work. The iPad providing instant access to the apps you need and a great experience may have more of an impact than you expect. Be forewarned !