With the introduction of XenApp6 in March, we released more new Citrix Receiver components in a single month than ever before!

To download and deliver all the latest plug-ins, just use your Merchandising Server check for updates function:

  • Online 12.0 for Windows- HDX Plug-n-Play USB Device Redirection, improved graphics performance, seamless taskbar grouping
  • Offline 6.0 for Windows- Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Online 11.1 for Mac including Dazzle – Compatibility with Receiver for Mac
  • Dazzle 1.1.1 for Windows- Support for Merchandising Server 1.2
  • Acceleration 5.5.2- Smoother deployment and operation with Receiver for Windows
  • EasyCall 3.0.1 for Mac – Compatibility with Receiver for Mac
  • EasyCall 3.0.1 for Windows – improved operation on Windows 7

What could be easier?

And there’s more! XenApp6 also introduced full integration with Microsoft® App-V, delivering App-V virtualized applications to any user on any device anywhere. All the client components of App-V can be delivered via Citrix Receiver just be downloading and installing the App-V client from Microsoft and associated metadata files from citrix.com.

That’s a big advantage of Merchandizing Server and Receiver. Your users could have all of these new capabilities today.

If you’ve put off using Merchandising Server because you’ve standardized on VMware, your time has come. We’ve just released a version of Merchandising Server for VMware. It has same functionally as the version for XenServer and nearly the same performance and capacities.

And do give the Receiver for Mac a try. It lets you deploy IT as a service for your Macintosh users as well as for your Windows users. Dazzle, the new “iTunes-like” application store, is fully integrated and works like a charm.

Learn more about Citrix Receiver for Windows and Mac

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