So one of our top CSPs, Nasstar, was telling me how great their performance is using XenApp to deliver a desktop experience and all of the features and technology enhancements that go with the latest release.  I asked if I could try out the service.  I logged in through their web portal….

Entered my credentials… and up popped my “desktop”…

You might ask… what’s special about that?  Well, what you are looking at was actually published using XenApp… which means there are no special Microsoft VECD requirements for hosting. Why?  Because the applications are published on top of a desktop backgound.  What is even more amazing is that it looks like a desktop, feels like a desktop and even allows me to access all of my applications like a desktop… but the background is actually (virtually) loaded on top of my existing Windows 7 local O/S.
…and did I mention that the server farm is over 5,000 miles away, across an ocean in the United Kingdom and my local PC is in Fort Lauderdale?  This is the new Software-as-a-Service paradigm. We call it On Demand Applications. It doesn’t have to be a web based application to traverse the Internet.  In this case, Microsoft Office is loaded on a XenApp server farm and published using a Microsoft Windows background. All you need is a server, XenApp, a CSP licensing agreement and the know-how of a Nasstar… and you can host Windows based applications on any device, over any network, anywhere in the world….  O.K.
Now that IS impressive!