As millions of Apple iPads begin shipping tomorrow, Citrix has released an exciting new iPad app designed to transform Apple’s revolutionary new personal computing tablet into the ultimate device for mobile business. The new Citrix Receiver for iPad app makes it easy for iPad owners to take their virtual office with them anywhere they go. One simple touch gives iPad owners instant, secure access to all of their Windows business applications, documents and desktops, making it easy to work on the go, while still enjoying the great user experience they bought an iPad for in the first place.

More than 230,000 organizations worldwide use Citrix virtual computing infrastructure every day to deliver virtual desktops and more than 25 million Windows applications to their employees. The new Citrix app for the iPad acts as a secure “receiver”, making these millions of Windows apps instantly accessible on the iPad.

For iPad owners, this means “Windows Apps and Desktops to Go” – directly on your new iPad – with all the rich performance you’d expect, thanks to Citrix high-definition HDX™ technology. For IT administrators, this means you can now support iPads with virtually no setup cost, using the same Citrix infrastructure you’re already running today. And because all the Windows apps and documents are actually running in your datacenter at all times, it’s actually more secure than many of the corporate laptops you’re supporting today. Best of all, you can give your employees everything they need to be more productive by using devices that they love to spend time on.

With Citrix Receiver, the iPad is now “Open for Business”.

Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Secure Data and Communications - Send emails and calendar invites using your standard corporate email systems, and work on all your normal Windows apps and documents just as you would on a PC or laptop with a full high-definition user experience. Because these apps and data are never stored on the iPad, your business is always confidential and secure.
  • One-tap Connect to Read, Create and Share Documents - Interact seamlessly with Windows apps and documents using intuitive iPad gestures, and even turn your iPhone into an iPad trackpad for fast and familiar screen navigation (yes, it is “wicked cool”). 
  • Resource-Intensive and Demanding Apps - Use even the most demanding Windows apps, from complex modeling and databases to 3D professional graphics applications… all with a high-speed, visually compelling user experience (check out our video tour to get a sense of what this is like).
  • Online Meetings to Go - Collaborate with colleagues and host secure online business meetings from wherever you happen to be – at a café, in a hotel, or on the road with Citrix GoToMeeting for the iPad.
  • Access Your Full Windows Desktop - You can even run your full Windows virtual desktop on the iPad if you like, switching back and forth between the iPad and Windows as needed.

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