I was really surprised and pleased to receive internal mail today about an upcoming Citrix Online product: GoToMeditation. And while I’m jumping the gun a bit on the announcement, I’m glad to be able to share it with you.

The economy of the past few years has helped accelerate the move to work-from-anywhere and online collaboration, and Citrix Online has enabled organizations to take advantage of this with GotoMyPC, GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, GoToWebinar, and the recently-announced GoToManage. But another effect of the downturn has been an increase in stress, and to be honest, a schedule full of online meetings hasn’t helped for a lot of us. (I know that my schedule frequently looks like four to six hours of online meetings, with heads-down “get it done” time not starting till late in the afternoon and continuing into the evening.)

Our Citrix Online friends have the answer: GoToMeditation.

I asked where the idea came from. “Some of our customers told us that when they were waiting for meetings to start, they found the music-on-hold really soothing. In fact, one of them told us he had been calling his own meeting without notifying anyone else, just to listen, and then took to blocking fake meetings on his calendar.” Wouldn’t an iPod be just as easy? “When people hear the music-on-hold from your speaker, they ‘know’ you’re working – with a music player, you could be listening to an audiobook or a podcast.”

Seeing the opportunity, Citrix Online has put together the new offering. Users schedule a GoToMeditation just as they would a regular online meeting, and a calendar entry can be downloaded showing meeting guests and agenda – all completely fictional, of course. Then the user dials in, enters a code, and… nothing but music. “Everyone has hours of collaboration a day – now they can easily take a break to collaborate with Nirvana. Well, not the band – though that may be a music option in the next release for grunge holdouts.”

Pricing info should be available shortly.

PS: check the calendar.