Many of you have visited my personal Ask the Architect site where I’ve focused on desktop virtualization architectures based on real-world use cases.  This has been very successful and I thank all of you who have sent in email questions.  But like all good things, many of you have more questions or topics than I can answer or discuss in a timely manner.  So I’m pleased to announce a major expansion to Ask the Architect and I’d like to introduce our group of Architects:

  1. Florian Becker (Twitter): Florian has an extensive background in healthcare because he worked for a major EMR firm in a previous life.  Florian is talking all about Healthcare and IT.  If you haven’t seen his blogs yet, you should take a look and learn that privacy and security are not the same thing. Paging Mr. Becker.
  2. Daniel Feller (Twitter):  Hey, that’s me!  I’ve been focusing and will continue to focus on XenDesktop architectures.  What our customers are designing. What use cases they are trying to solve. What are the main design concepts that must be answered to do virtual desktops successfully.  If you look closely, you might even pick up references to my favorite TV show (D’oh)
  3. Paul Wilson (Twitter): As we all know, XenDesktop integrates with Microsoft products (Hyper-V and App-V).  Paul, who has been working directly with Microsoft and customers is providing valuable insights into Hyper-V virtualization as it plays with XenDesktop. If we ask really nice, he might even tell us where he got that hat
  4. Jo Harder (Twitter): Jo grew up using XenApp. She spent years working with customers creating enterprise-class XenApp solutions.  She is taking this knowledge and discussing how to integrate your current XenApp implementations with XenDesktop.  If you aren’t aware, she is about to discuss how to deal with profiles when you use XenApp and XenDesktop in an upcoming Ask the Architect TechTalk. Did you know that Jo’s middle name is WinFrame-MetaFrame-XenApp?
  5. Stefan Drege (Twitter): To follow Stefan, you might have to talk in frames and packets as he is focusing on application networking.  Want to know how to secure your applications and provide disaster recovery solutions for your environment?  Stefan will tell you how.  The good news is that we have GSLB’d Stefan and he now has 100% uptime.
  6. Tarkan Kocoglu (Twitter): Having helped design and develop an internal cloud-based solution, Tarkan is our cloud expert.  Tarkan is taking the cloud discussion to the stratosphere by focusing on the actual implications of putting our business in the clouds.  If you look up, you might see him in the clouds.
  7. Ed York (Twitter): You might know Ed with his work on Workflow Studio.  Ed, a developer at heart, worked with Tarkan on the cloud-based initiative and helped develop many of the workflows that allowed for automated system provisioning.  Ed is talking about orchestration so you can automate your own systems. I wonder what else Ed automated at his house.
  8. Jason Maynard (Twitter):  Jason is ingrained in the branch office. How do we deliver virtual desktops to the branch? How to we optimize the communication to improve scalability?  Jason will answer these questions and much more. The discussions might be brief because Jason is optimizing our time.

These are the architects and here is Ask the Architect site.  Welcome and stay awhile.  As always, if you have questions, then Ask the Architect.


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