I wanted to take a moment and highlight two exciting new things that happened this week. The first exciting announcement is the launch of the new AskTheArchictect microsite that focuses on integrating XenDesktop with Microsoft technologies. The second announcement is the release of the long awaited XenDesktop Design Guide for Hyper-V.

XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V

Citrix and Microsoft have quite a history together and Citrix is committed to supporting the Microsoft products with XenDesktop. Previously, no website existed where you could find technical guidance on integrating Microsoft products with XenDesktop. The AskTheArchitect brand that was started last year has been so successful that Dan Feller was overrun with topics, so the team decided to split it out into separate areas of expertise. Given my recent experience with Hyper-V, I volunteered for the Microsoft on XenDesktop website. In case you are wondering, the main AskTheArchitect site can be found here and includes links to other areas such as Healthcare, Application Networking, NextGen Desktop, XenApp on XenDesktop, Automation, Cloud, and Branch Office optimization.

My plan is to post on the website all the knowledge I gain on integrating XenDesktop with any Microsoft products, including Hyper-V, App-V, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and System Center. Right now most of the content is focused on Windows 7 and Hyper-V; however, as I work engagements, attend seminars, or read new information that is pertinent I will post it there. Also, I will send out a quick Tweet informing everyone of the new content when the posted information is relevant to current trends or projects.

XenDesktop Design Guide for Microsoft

I have just spent the last few weeks writing a Design Guide that focuses on providing specific guidance for deploying XenDesktop 4 deployments on Hyper-V 2008 R2. The guide is not meant to replace other XenDesktop architecture guidance, but rather to supplement that guidance and explain some of the nuances encountered in a Hyper-V deployment. The document leverages the Modular Reference architecture and presents the next level of design detail necessary for a Hyper-V deployment.

Well, that is all I have time for today. I hope you find time to check out the new website. Please feel free to leave me a comment below about the new website. As always, if you want to be notified of future blogs or new site content, follow me on twitter @pwilson98.