How happy are your customers? A simple question, but one not easily answered. Many vendors attempt to measure themselves by reviewing dozens of metrics tracked by their tech support teams. They may even benchmark themselves against some sort of industry average. This one-dimensional view of customer satisfaction, however, doesn’t really provide a meaningful perspective on whether a company is delighting its customers. Any measure of customer satisfaction must extend end-to-end throughout the full customer engagement lifecycle, from the pre-sales experience through post-sale deployment and training.

The Citrix NetScaler management team has long prided itself in delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction across all aspects of the engagement lifecycle. It’s in our DNA. And, it’s what separates us from the competition and why we’re gaining market share at the expense of Cisco ACE and F5 Networks’ BIG-IP product lines.

As such, we weren’t really surprised with the results of a recent market research report by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), “Customer Satisfaction with Application Delivery Controller Vendors.” Bottom line results: Citrix NetScaler ranked #1 in customer satisfaction over F5 and Cisco. Citrix NetScaler consistently beat F5 and Cisco in each customer engagement phase, winning 16 of 21 categories including “Overall Satisfaction”, “Overall Tech Support”, “Overall Value”, “Technology” and “Pre-deployment Support.”

EMA surveyed over 450 IT professionals to gauge their satisfaction with Citrix, F5 and Cisco across all phases of the customer engagement lifecycle:
• Sales
• Product deployment
• Support
• Business value

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