1.2 times a day!

Sometimes more, sometimes less. Over the last 284 days, that is the average number of times I have been asked about Citrix Receiver for Blackberry.
I know what your thinking…. “Marcus, why didn’t you Blog on this topic 283 days ago?

It’s a story of intrigue, suspense, broken promises and big money. More on that latter…

For those of you who have followed Citrix for any length of time, you might have heard that Mobility is the Next Big Thing. Almost yearly; usually around mobility industry events.

So what makes this year different? – Devices and network speeds.

Citrix Receiver unlocks the power in these fast and eloquent devices, allowing us to create a terrific user experience.

Before you start screaming that the iPhone is not an Enterprise solution, hear me out. When the iPhone was introduced, it provided an ideal form factor to deliver applications. Fits in your pocket and it has a big, beautiful screen with lots of real-estate for users to interact on. Citrix users agree. We are quickly trending towards the 500,000-download milestone. Meter readers, land surveyors and even motorcycle cops are getting their principle applications delivered to their iPhones daily.

Recently I had the chance to meet with Samsung, HTC and other key manufacturers in the “Smartphone” business. There are devices being introduced this year that dwarf the 3-year old iPhone technology. The first on my list was announced today.

The HTC EVO 4G delivers. It has a 4.3-inch touch screen that just looks beautiful when Citrix Receiver is delivering applications to it. Many similar devices are coming soon for all of the Mobility Operating Systems.

Currently we offer a Citrix Receiver for Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone. We also have a Symbian client.

We understand how important the Blackberry is in the Enterprise. In fact, through a Company called Rove, the Blackberry was one of the first mobile devices to have a Citrix client. At Citrix, almost 35% of our Smartphone users have a Blackberry.

Our intent was to come out with Citrix Receiver for Blackberry about the same time as the iPhone. Each platform has it’s own teams, so this goal was very realistic. In an effort to further accelerate this development, we took some time and acquired outside technology, believing it would provide us with a solid platform that we could quickly iterate on in the future. We were not happy with the result.

We decide to start again from scratch, armed with the knowledge gained from delivering Citrix Receiver on the other platforms.

I am pleased with the internal build I am using and feel comfortable sharing that with you today.

We hope to announce registration for the beta program shortly. Those who have already signed-up, your names have been retained and you will be contacted. If you haven’t registered, please send me your name, device, OS version and memory size. We want to test against as many configurations as possible. When you come to Synergy, be sure to bring your Blackberry to the opening Keynote.

On a separate note, look for Citrix Receiver for Android 1.0, with full CAG support, to be available on the Android Marketplace within a few weeks.

I’ll have a special post for you on April 3rd that you won’t want to miss.

In closing, I sincerely thank you for you patience and suggestions as we look forward to getting Citrix Receiver onto your Blackberry.