I just received a new Ask the Architect email from Dave asking about something new from our email bag… Local Streamed Desktops.  I’ve spoken about local streamed desktops many times before. In fact, local streamed desktops have the potential to drastically reduce the costs of a desktop virtualization solution.  If you have no idea what a local streamed desktop is, then STOP.  Read about how local streamed desktops can extend virtual desktops and also look at the different FlexCast models.

Now that you understand what a local streamed desktop is, we will get back to Dave’s question.  In XenDesktop, we have this utility called the XenDesktop Setup Wizard. It automates the creation of VMs on the hypervisor, in Active Directory, in the XenDesktop farm and in Provisioning services.  However, if we do local streamed desktops, how do we do what the setup wizard does for us in the hosted VM-based VDI model?  Watch to find out in the latest Ask the Architect question.

As always, if you have more desktop virtualization architecture questions, then let me know.


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