Hello Folks,

Today I would like to chat with you about the Citrix Receiver and its Merchandising Server Virtual Appliance. I’d like to update you on the hypervisors it currently supports, and the hypervisors it could support in the future.

Current Support

Currently, the Citrix Merchandising Server runs inside a VM that can be imported into a XenServer. Running on XenServer the Citrix Merchandising Server provides our customers the best performance, reliability and the highest user capacity while at the same time using minimal resources. This XVA can be downloaded here.

Expanded Support

Citrix has also released a version of the Merchandising Server that can be imported into VMware’s ESX servers. While this solution has a bit less user capacity while using more CPU and Memory, it is still a very solid solution. This OVA can be downloaded here

Future Support (Potentially)

We are currently trying to get a feel for the next VM we will need to release. If you or your customers are interested in a Hyper-V version of the Merchandising Server Virtual Appliance, please drop me a line so we can size up the requirements from the field.


To read more about the specifics of each hypervisor and the recommended hardware configuration for different user capacity please go to eDocs to read more.

Thanks all, and please do let me know what your thoughts are on expanded hypervisor support!

Aaron Videtto

Product Manager