No, they’re not the latest competitors on Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice!  And no, they didn’t go on and discover that they’re fifth cousins.

Each one does have a similar story to tell.  A story about an idea that started small, grew and developed,  and has ultimately changed the way we view and use technology.

Each one has a strong and unwavering belief in his idea and that conviction has brought them great success and brought us a better computing experience and as a result, a better quality of life.

Michael Dell had a big idea – to build relationships directly with customers, selling them personal computers directly in order to provide customization. A PC tailored just for you. From working out of his dorm room to building Dell, a technology company that is one of the world’s leading brands, Michael Dell changed the PC landscape.

Mark Templeton also had a big idea – to make information and applications available to anyone, anywhere, on any device over any network connection. Simple, easy, ubiquitous. From a small organization of developers starting out in Florida, he built a leading software company, Citrix, that continues to break new ground with virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service.

And Sinbad had a big idea, too. This self-professed “secret nerd” saw the power of technical education and training, and has established scholarships and served as a spokesperson to encourage minorities to study engineering, science and math. His stage persona as the Master of Technology stems from a true belief in the importance of IT for everyone.

One other thing these three have in common…they’re all appearing on stage at Synergy San Francisco, May 12-14.  

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