It’s clear that it’s cloudy – and that’s good!

As I prepare to go over to the Cloud Connect conference, I ask myself “what are the trends – as they relate to all of us”.

More to the point, what are the applications, their access scenarios, and their hosting scenarios? Will the critical mass of cloud computing be the resilient capacity-on-demand datacenter? Or will there be hosting services for desktops? The latter, to me is most intriguing, as it has the potential of impacting more of us, individually.

Going down that path, questions arise. What will be the drivers bringing users to hosted desktops? Where will the applications reside – in the cloud, in the user’s enterprise datacenter, or installed right on the provisioned desktop? And where will the data be kept? What impact does this have on traditional networks and access controls?

Many of these bring to light additional issues, since we may be shifting current traditional constraints. I can see questions arising pertaining to securing/authorizing access and its management. We may also see reliability, availability, and response time expectations and guarantees (Oh no! Not SLA’s ).

Hey, all this has been talked about – I am heading over to that event to listen to more talk – what do you think we should cover or talk about here…?”

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