Thanks to David Markey and Stephen Spector, I was made aware of a tool this morning to help users with xend-based virtual machines migrate to the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), which is what Citrix builds upon to create XenServer. I know I’ve run into the question of how to migrate from OSS Xen to XenServer in the field and this tool is just another step in helping answer that question.

The utility, written in Python, is now available at: It can generate XVAs from your xend-based HVM and paravirtualized virtual machines and it can also stream your VM directly to a XenServer/XCP host over HTTP or HTTPS.

Please read the README for pointers and guidelines on how to prepare your VMs for migration to XCP. Most PV based virtual machines will need some preparation work.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Landon (@landonf)