This is going to be a quick post, but something that have been passionate about for some time so here it goes,

Let’s start off this post with a number, 34!. Did you know that is how many SDK’s we offer for extending or tieing into Citrix products. Thats a hefty amount of platform SDK’s to build upon.

As developer’s we are always looking for platforms to build on, enabling better integration into applications, providing a better user experience, etc. Whether it be for IT Administrators or for traditional end user’s we can use these SDK’s as a platform to build on.

As mentioned earlier there are 34 SDK’s available so lets break them down by product.

Category Related # of SDK’s Notes
XenApp 13 This covers things like MFCOM,Password manager, WI, Virtual Channel SDK, etc
XenServer 5 XenServer Related SDK’s
XenDesktop 1 XenDesktop Related SDK’s
NetScaler 12 NetScaler Related SDK’s
Workflow Studio 1 Workflow Studio SDK’s
Citrix Online 2 These are the GotoMeeting and GotoAssist SDK’s. Now even though you have to have a GTM or GTA account to get and use these, the point is they are still there.

Thats a pretty significant number of SDK’s to start to build upon.

So what if you dont have access to a XenApp environment, not everyone has a datacenter and server farm in their backyard, right? Don’t fret, there are a few options for you.
1) We offer a developer’s version of XenApp along with a Developer license. This will give you access to XenApp free of charge and will let you start to built services/applications on today of the infrastructure.
2) Amazon EC2 – Will this service you can build you XenApp up in the Amazon cloud where you can start developing. This service does cost though, I believe it’s aroun 15 cents an hour of uptime, but check with amazon to be sure!

You can download the Developer Edition of XenApp at the following location. Remember, you will need a MyCitrix Account in order to download.

On a final note, you might be saying, well how much stuff can we do, automate publishing an application?

Well, what could be some interesting user experiences where the SDK’s could help. How about a single interface for all of your apps no matter what kind they are, Maybe a silverlight alternative to Web Interface (I think there is one like this already, at least there was long time ago), Maybe integrate Web Interface into you windows app (or a subset of it to facilitate some launching mechanism)? Maybe integrate MFCOM/Powershell into your custom provision system to add users to an application when they get access to it or write some Workflow Activities and make them available to the community? All of these things are possible with the use of the SDK’s. Let’s use these tools to develop some interesting scenario’s. As developer’s lets start to push the envelope!

Do you have any cool XenApp code that could benefit the community, head on over to the Citrix Community Site and participate.

As always, let me know what you think. You can find me at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com or you can catch my on twitter at @johnmcbride