With the iPad D-day looming you may be justifying ( or rationalizing ) whether or not you are buying an iPad in the first wave and what are you going to use it for. As noted on previous blogs lots of prospects have come up with business reasons to buy and use the iPad at work. I think this will grow rapidly as the early adopters show up to work with them ( BYOC ), find them to be useful and show them to their colleagues.

Personally I am looking at the iPad for both Work and Play.

For work I anticipate using it for a few tasks including:
Conference room meetings – light weight and non intrusive, I expect my laptop will stay in the office and my paper notebook becomes obsolete. The VGA adapter for presentations is a must have.
Short Trips – When meeting locally and not expecting to create much content I expect to bring the iPad.
Demo’s Demo’s Demo’s – The iPad will be ideal for showing colleagues, customers and partners the benefits of Desktop Virtualization.
Day Extender – I am not sure yet how often I will use the iPad vs my laptop when working from home. I expect a mix of both.
For Play :
Surfing – Fast access to the internet will be the primary use I envision. For extended periods I do have concerns about how I will hold it and how it compares to a laptop.
Reading – I was planning to buy a Kindle for eBooks… I hear kindle readers rave about e-ink for extended use but I will now plan to use the iPad unless it causes a problem.
Photos – Looking forward to using and sharing my photo library on the iPad.
Videos – Im not a big video/movie watcher, but this may increase if its really easy.

As for which model, I am looking at the WiFi 16G . My work docs and apps will be hosted at work, my music, podcasts etc will be on my iPhone, so I haven’t figured out why I need too much local storage. For network, the 3G option is nice but I think I will instead be getting a Sprint 4G Overdrive ( MiFi ). This gets me fast access for my Laptop and iPad, plus even a better connection for my iPhone when the ATT network isn’t cooperating.

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