Storage plays a key role in determining the performance and cost of desktop virtualization deployments. XenServer, with StorageLink, offers a powerful framework for best-in-class storage systems to offer virtualization optimized features that can be directly exploited through API calls from the virtualization platform, either using CIM or vendor-proprietary plug-ins. But there are a host of features and implementation choices for storage that can dramatically change the price/performance of a virtual desktop deployment, and who better to help articulate those than the storage vendors themselves?

With this in mind, we invited all of our storage vendor partners to demonstrate to the market what makes their solutions unique, in our Citrix Ready StorageLink Challenge. We asked them to prepare a short video that showcases their product capabilities and its integration with StorageLink. Six partners have responded thus far (and I believe one or two more may be in the works) – DataCore, GreenBytes, HP, LSI, NetApp, and Nexenta. We will be picking a winner on April 19th.

Submissions will be judged in four categories.

  • Best storage for Desktop Virtualization deployments
  • Best storage savings (TCO)
  • Best performance
  • Most innovative video

We know we’re going to have a hard time picking between these vendors. The judges are Chris Wolf (The Burton Group), John Fanelli (Citrix Solution & Community Marketing), and myself Simon Crosby (Citrix CTO for Data Center and Cloud), plus our Citrix community members via their ratings for each video and the overall view count per video. While this challenge is about products, technology, and integration, we think it should be fun as well. All the videos are posted Here

So please watch the videos and give them your votes!