In the area of Citrix where I work, we’re going through a desktop refresh. But, my three year old Dell D610 running XP is humming along nicely, thank you.  Normally, anyone would be really excited to get the latest technology on their desk, but I’m more than happy to be at the end of the refresh line. Why? I use XenDesktop.

My old Dell is just the way I like it. Since I work in channel marketing, I have a bunch of applications like CorelDraw, InDesign, Quark and much to the discomfort of my co-workers, Photoshop. Yes, I can migrate all of that stuff to a new environment and yes, Windows 7 is really nice. 

Guess what?  I have Windows 7!  With XenDesktop, I just click over to my published apps in the Windows 7 environment and continue to toil away knowing I don’t have to worry about patches, updates or putting my valuable work efforts into an unsecure area.  In fact, with my dual screens… well, you get the picture.

Jump on over to Citrix TV and check out some of the videos about XenDesktop.  There’s a lot to love in this product.