I gave a talk at a developer conference recently. Here are some resources I used.

This part contains links and information about the demonstrations.

Most of my demonstrations are publicly available at our FREE cloud demo environment. Please follow the links to try the demo on the devices you are interested in.

If your time is limited, I’d suggest you at least try these demos.

Without modification to applications:
  • eDrawings : 3D computer aided design application in Design folder. Try the play button.
  • Citrix XenDesktop Overview : a Microsoft Powerpoint, in Citrix Solutions folder. Best in landscape mode.
  • HC Primary Care: a web based intranet portal application for Physicians in Health Care folder.
  • Network Dashboard: a Flash based real time network management application in Management folder. Best in landscape mode.
  • Product configurator: a Flash/Flex based ecommerce application in Sales folder. Best in landscape mode.
With configuration change:
  • Mobile Patient Data: a Flash based mobile patient information management application using Xcelsius. Screen shot here
With code change:
  • Citrix Doc Finder. More information about Doc Finder here
More informations

A short introduction video about XenApp

Custom Mobile Applications on XenApp

Citrix products and solutions

Citrix on mobile devices

How to build your own XenApp Server in 15 minutes and pay 10c/hour or less

How to get free developer license

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