I could list all the reasons I think the iPad + Citrix are a great fit for healthcare, but it may be more meaningful coming directly from Physicians and IT Pros in the heathcare industry. This is a sample of what has been shared on the blogs when we asked what would Citrix Receiver for iPad be used for.
Dr. Paul Altmann says:
” Chris, the combination of Citrix and the iPad will, I am sure, be a huge success in the healthcare setting where the form factor of the iPad makes it the best all round device to access medical records in real time as clinicians care for their patients.Specifically, I am looking forward to showcase this for Cerner Millennium users who routinely access the application over Citrix.
There will be many other settings where the iPad, which is the first really decently sized, light, with good battery life “thin client”, will become very popular.
Dr Paul Altmann
Clinical Director – Health Informatics – NHS South Central & Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
Consultant Nephrologist – Oxford Kidney Unit The Churchill – Oxford OX3 7 “

.. says:
“I would love to be able to use citrix on an iPad.  I currently use Citrix to log into our hospitals EMR, Epic, from home.  Being able to do so both at home and even in the hospital would be awesome. “

“So Are you saying that I would be able to use my GE Healthcare Centricity EMR Application from the Ipad? We connect to it using XenApp. This is really the only thing holding me back from getting an iPad is that whether I would be able to run my EMR for work.

“Please tell us you are working on a citrix client for the IPad.  It will be so “revolutionary” if you have one ready by the time the IPad is available. Physicians will love to use an IPad to handle their Electronic Medical Records at bedside, exam rooms.”

“Chris Smith says:
Yes, I think this would be fantastic. Many EHR (electronic health record) applications have developed stylus-driven interfaces for slate PCs (tablets with no keyboard option), so touch interface is a natural easy win for those already developed applications. Many of the EHR applications are also already deployed via Citrix, so this is a serious WIN WIN for Citrix to pursue… and as you mentioned, Citrix has already done quite a bit of work on the Citrix Receiver for the iPhone. This really does have so much more capability, now that you have the larger screen.
Also, multi-touch is supported in Windows 7, so it will be interesting to see how the XenReciever can interact with the Win7 host operating system environment, or even hosted application environment, but having the Receiver bridge that gap in the user experience via the iPad would be amazing!”

“I work for a health care provider and this could be huge. It turns the iPad from an interesting toy, to potentially powerful tool for business”

Todd Bruni says:
“Being in a large Healthcare environment I also see this device as having huge potential. First for ARRA/Hitech initiatives such as CPOE, BMV, Physician Documentation, etc physicians, clinicians, and/or nursing are going to want, need, demand mobile devices. As multiple people have pointed out one of those devices are tablets. The cost of those devices intended for Healthcare are extremely expensive (Motion Computing, etc).  Second, as people have pointed out protecting patient data is a requirement.  That is one of the beauties of desktop virtualization whether its hosted shared desktops or hosted dedicated desktops that data stays in the data center.  Finally organizations need to hit meaningful use in the not so distant future. Most of the large EMR vendors are not web-based today and organizations have to start taking steps now to meet the meaningful use timelines. That means these applications are client based today which is another reason to do desktop virtualization now until the ISVs solutions are ported to the web.
So how does this wrap back around to this device? Any device that is going to help healthcare organizations start taking steps now to adopt desktop virtualization, mobility, extend battery life, and move data into the datacenter without having to spend $2k on a tablet, $3k on cart solution is a great candidate. Being able to purchase 4 or 5 of these devices at the cost of one tablet makes it very intriguing. Add a docking station with keyboard and mouse for $40-50 in key locations and now you don’t have to worry about real estate on the floors (another huge healthcare issue) and the device becomes easy to stop and make updates to your EMR.
Finally, I don’t remember who said it but I completely agree with whoever said that we won’t know any of this until we get these devices into the clinicians hands we won’t know.”

“Already have XenDesktop environment pushing around 20 desktops using Nextgen out to several medical clinics in my area. Was able to get budget money for purchasing 5 iPads as a demo in less than 2 minutes. Will be an interesting demo as I have connections to several hospitals that are all looking into the EPIC Haiku Application also being developed with Keiser Medical Group in mind. A current rolling wireless cart with a WYSE Thin Client typically costs a Hospital in Oregon $20,000 after we did our full ROI 2 years ago. Interesting what happened in 2 years! “

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