Last week Citrix and Novell announced a collaboration that expands choice for customers through increased virtualization interoperability and new assessment tools to help pinpoint the economically most advantageous approach to virtualization. Read more here…

What does that mean if I am a Novell customer looking to virtualize my server and applications?

Novell Ready team was gracious to give us the certified application list which we then imported into our Citrix Ready community verified site.

If you are an existing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server customer then go ahead and virtualize your application and server on the XenServer platform with confidence.Browse more than 2330 Novell Ready enterprise applicationswhich you can run on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server guest virtual machine on XenServer.

If you’re already running applications on your virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server then vote up on the community site and let other community members know about it. It only takes few seconds. Citrix Ready Community verified site now has over 4000 products and over 17,000 verification contributed by our community members (thank you!)

If you’re an App ISV and reading this blog then I also invite you to join our Citrix Ready program, which can give you more exposure to Citrix customers and channel. Learn more about the Citrix Ready programand its benefits.