Are you looking to optimize a Windows XP image for use with XenDesktop and Provisioning Services?  Have you read several guides with various tweaks and build steps, but didn’t know which ones actually worked?  Well, when Citrix Consulting began designing and implementing large-scale VM-hosted VDI desktops, we found that none of these documents provided a comprehensive view on the subject.  To address this, I have written a new Citrix Consulting white paper, Optimizing Windows XP for XenDesktop, which includes all of the necessary information to actually optimize a Windows XP image for XenDesktop with or without Provisioning Services.  This document:

  • Offers a better alternative than replacing the default user profile (which isn’t supported and doesn’t help for users that already have profiles)
  • Makes a distinction between private mode (1:1) and standard mode (1:many) desktops
  • Provides the actual registry keys/values for all optimizations (to ensure that all settings can be set by Group Policy or login scripts)
  • Gives best practices for optimizing the user profiles (like installing UPHclean)
  • Excludes configurations and steps that don’t help (like defragmenting a disk before performing a volume copy)
  • Details what registry changes are included in the XenConvert Optimizer tool (so you know what all those checkboxes are doing)

Enjoy the full white paper, which is now available for download at