Attend Citrix Summit and Synergy for free this year in San Francisco, May 10-14. When three of your customers register for Synergy and the customers enter your name or company name in the ‘referral’ field on the registration form, you automatically win a free registration. Or you can register the customers yourself and add your name in the referral box. There is no limit on how many free registrations you can have within your organization.

Encourage your customers to register for Synergy or register your customers yourself, and then come join them in San Francisco for free.

Effective dates are March 1, 2010 through May 7, 2010.

This promotion is retroactive and you can receive the free registration for your customers who registered prior to March 1, 2010. Contact Channel Marketing for verification of your customers’ registration and receive the free pass for Summit and Synergy.

For more details, download the Summit and Synergy 3 for 1 promotion FAQ below.

Summit and Synergy 3 for 1 Promotion FAQ