IOPS. One of the core design areas that will impact the overall performance and usability of a desktop virtualization solution.  How do we estimate IOPS? What impact will a user have on the storage infrastructure? Is estimating 30 IOPS per user good enough? Is it too high? Too low? This is the question Doug asked in the latest Ask the Architect Viewer Mail.  

If you use the 30 IOPS per user to design your storage, you should have enough capacity, but you are probably wasting a lot of money on capacity that you will not fully utilize.  

A user’s impact to IOPS is based on four phases of a desktop’s life cycle:

  1. Boot
  2. Logon
  3. Work
  4. Logoff

Each one of these phases has a different impact and they are discussed in the latest Ask the Architect Viewer Mail:

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