This is just one of the verbatims we’ve heard in our “call downs” of the many Citrix Service Providers in our growing new business.  With a few hundred CSPs now signed Citrix in true form has once again engaged our channel. 

“We are proud to be Citrix partners”, and “Citrix has really turned the corner and aided our business tremendously with the CSP program” are typical of the responses we’ve had as we meet with our partners to better understand their business and technical needs.  In response to our product announcements for access and load balancing using NetScaler VPX one partner told us, “If we never have to buy another physical device that would be perfect”.  As we’ve discussed the continuing adoption of XenServer a partner said, “XenServer has gotten to the point where it can really compete with VMWare and we use it all the time.  Please tell the [XenServer] Engineers what a fine job they have done”. 

When discussing open Internet connections and the delivery of applications a partner told us, “RDP is not strong enough [for application delivery] in an Internet environment.  Many hosting companies have been using XenApp but have not been able to grow [their business] because of the lack of subscription licensing. [Now] they can grow quickly”.

Another partner said that they are working on connections to the most difficult remote locations in the world including satellite Internet to Oil Rigs.  The company they are working with tried every kind of environment to see how robust [the Citrix] technology was.  “They couldn’t find any problems with our solution and now we are working on a major deal [for subsciption licenses] as a result”.

Lastly and probably most importantly our newest CSP partners kept saying over and over again, “It is the people at Citrix that continue to make a difference to us.  No matter what the problem is, we know that Citrix will help us to resolve it.”  In some cases our field SEs have stepped in to insure that the partners needs were met even in time zones half way around the world.  This type of dedication and support is unique to Citrix our partners tell us.

There are several internal projects we are working on for the CSP program and I can also testify that our internal team work is just as robust as the support we give to our partners.  I can’t say enough about the “can do” attitude I continue to see from our Engineers, Product Managers, Channel Sales and Marketing, Licensing, Product and Alliance Marketing teams.  The people who work at Citrix see the need and meet it.  With new releases of products upcoming we’ll have a whole new reason to thank the folks who make all of this a reality for our customers.

Keep up the great work gang!  The partners and customers really appreciate it.