Let’s talk scalability again.  Scalability. One of my favorite topics (insert sarcastic tone here).  I like the scalability topic so much that I recently blogged about it when talking about the possible size of a XenDesktop farm.

But a new question came into the Ask the Architect wanting to know about scalability for XenDesktop. I’m happy to see that this question wasn’t simply how many desktop can I get on a hypervisor, but actually wanted to understand the things that should be monitored to help guide you when you should add a new server or component. BRAVO!!!

Citrix Worldwide Consulting recently published a new white paper discussing how to design the XenDesktop environment in a modularized fashion.  This allows one to add components as the environment scales up. There aren’t numbers in there because as with most things in life, you mileage will vary.  But to do an architecture correctly, one must understand what should be monitored so better decisions can be made regarding the allocation of additional resources. 

This Ask the Architect video explains these areas of focus. 

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