I bought this book – Selling to VITO – a couple of years ago, and I think the author, Anthony Parinello, does an excellent job of explaining how sales people can add value to VITO (the Very Important Top Officer). After many years in field sales and management, I can attest that being able to “call at the top” can shorten sales cycles and provide the client support necessary to create successful technology implementations.

But, Selling to VITO is like a job interview. If VITO would hire you, you can be his business partner. If not, your chances for success are nil. You have to be prepared.

Today, the VITO’s you are calling on are at another technology inflection point. This time, it’s on the desktop, and it’s driven by the availability of Windows 7. VITO is concerned about the speed of migration versus his available resources and budget. He sees risk in data security and application incompatibility.

Our XenDesktop product team has recently completed the Upgrade to Windows 7 On Demand presentation that you can use to have the discussion with your VITOs and enhance your position as a trusted advisor on desktop virtualization. Simply follow the link and look under Sales Tools to find this presentation. While you’re there, have a look around at all the other tools to help you sell XenDesktop.

Before anyone else muddies the water with sub-optimized VDI-only solutions, put your best foot forward with this new presentation.

Your VITO will love it!