Today I had the pleasure to meet and have lunch with Astronaut Steve Swanson along with a few Professors and students at FAU where he is an Alum. Steve was a great inspiration for the students and told some great Apollo 13 type stories as well as his thoughts on innovation in the Space program. I also got speak to Steve 1:1 about Astronauts using Virtual Desktops ( from Citrix XenDesktop ) in space and asked if he got to try it out. It turns out his last mission was March ’09 before the first NASA trial in Dec ’09, however he was well aware of this project from his colleagues who were involved and got to use it. Steve does not have a planned next mission at this point but he is looking forward to trying it out himself and I am looking forward to his feedback. Aside from the mission tasks what would they would be using it for, the answer ? Surf the Net !

Turns out I saw the launch of the Shuttle he was flying last March..