Or Windows on Mac, Thin Client, WinMo, iPhone…

The list grows as Citrix Receiver continues to make the end computing device ambigous. In a previous post I showed how Windows applications or desktops can be delivered to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Right after the post, the guys in engineering called me up and said, “Hey, we’re not finished yet…”. In addition to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Citrix Receiver also runs on Android, WinMo, Thin Clients, Mac and PC platforms.

The small feat of magic is that all of this can also be run from a web browser.

I can see it now, you are roaming somewhere, and think, ok let me login to work for a couple of seconds to check something. You launch the browser on your mobile device, Mac, PC or Thin Client and your Desktop is streamed to you. While checking a few things in your work desktop, you navigate away to take a call or use a local app, then navigate back to your work desktop … the way you just left it.

Mobility and the way we live, play and work has just been turned on it’s ear. Bring your own computer (BYOC), an industry momentum started by Citrix, is now a reality for companies that don’t mind providing the desktops and applications for employees to get their work done, but would rather do without the time and expense of maintaining specialized hardware out in the field, or even on employees desks.

Citrix runs Windows applications and Desktops from a central server, called XenDesktop, and pipes it out to your mobile device through the NetScaler AGEE so the data is secure on both the Client and Server side. So, just in case you are not fanatical about the iPhone or iPad, you can still take advantage of the most awesome technology to hit the computing model for the average person. Citrix Receiver along with XenApp and XenDesktop becomes an incredible deal for organizations with a number of different Clients … after all the personal computing device is personal, and you can’t always choose the device the end user will show up with.

Having seen a Windows 7 Desktop running on an iPhone, a PC and a Mac, I wasn’t all that surprised when engineering showed me Windows 7 Desktop running on Android. If you don’t think you need the entire Desktop, you can pipe one or two applications to these devices using XenApp and Citrix Receiver.

We used the previous infrastructure for this Proof Of Concept, because it was already setup with XenApp and XenDesktop. The only new pieces were the end devices. Once again, we used the Citrix Web Interface in XenApp for authentication to keep it simple, however, we have done POC’s with the same setup using LDAP and two factor authentication from the NetScaler AGEE.


You can have this setup, by following the guides we wrote up as a result of this testing.

Download the Deployment Guide – ICA Proxy for Citrix Receiver.
Download the Deployment Guide – ICA Proxy for Citrix Web Interface.
Download the Deployment Guide – Self Signed Certificates for Access Gateway

Citrix Products used in this POC

NetScaler AGEE
Citrix Receiver v2.1

Client devices

iPod touch
Thin Client

Watch it live

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