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Citrix and Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) are collaborating to take smart phones to the next level. Citrix and OK Labs recently announced the “nirvana phone” reference architecture that uses virtualization to enable both mobile communications and office desktop-type productivity on handheld mobile devices. (OK Labs is a leader in virtualization software for mobile devices, consumer electronics, and embedded systems and supports OKL4, an open source microkernel that is deployed on more than 500 million mobile phones worldwide.)

As SmartPhones continue to become more capable, fast networks become more pervasive, and virtual desktops like Citrix XenDesktop go mainstream, it is becoming increasingly possible to use a SmartPhone to perform tasks previously limited to laptops and desktops. Desktop virtualization is a concept that delivers a complete Windows desktop experience as an on-demand service to any user, anywhere on a variety of endpoint devices.

With support for docking to full-sized displays, keyboards, mice and other PC-type peripherals, Nirvana Phones will offer mobile workers a complete “virtual desktop in your pocket,” allowing them to take their desktop anywhere without the need to carry around a full laptop. The following illustrates the Nirvana Phone concept:

The Nirvana Phone reference architecture incorporates many emerging capabilities in mobile chipsets and handsets like full resolution video and HD output.

Join us for the Nirvana Phone webinar February 9, 2010.

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